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R&D services

Feasibility study

Every project, every optimization starts with an idea, which usually leads to many possible solutions and even more unanswered questions.

The best way to obtain clarity at this point is with a feasibility study. In such a study, solution options are developed and their feasibility evaluated in simple and cost-effective tests. This procedure guarantees that we enter the further project phases with the most promising solution option for your engineering problem.

Product development & optimization

Would you like to develop a new product or optimize an existing one?

Benefit from our team’s many years of professional experience and tell us about your development or optimization requirements. Regardless of whether you want to redevelop or optimize your product in terms of price, workability, functionality or sustainability, WE are at your side.

Plastic characterization

As part of our services, we offer a range of services in the fields of analysis, plastics testing and plastics processing.

Let us discuss your engineering problem and find the best possible solution for you.

You will find a selection of our plastic characterization options

Complaints processing


No production runs flawlessly. If your customer complains about one of your products, leave the detective work to us.

Using modern analysis methods, our broad-based team and our many years of professional experience, we find the fault or prepare an expert opinion for further use.

Apps & tools for R&D

Digitalization is progressing more and more and does not stop at production facilities and/or individual areas such as development, AWT and quality assurance.

Discuss your ideas and wishes regarding apps and tools with us. We offer you user-friendly and intuitive software solutions.

Funding acquisition

Funding advice

Many project ideas can be supported by funding from a wide range of state, federal or EU funding bodies.

We offer you individual funding advice that is specifically tailored to your project plans, your company size (or company category) and, above all, your company location.

Acquiring funding

Use our network of experienced engineers to obtain financial support for your project with our help.

Knowledge of individual funding programs or an overview of the funding opportunities at your company location is very valuable.
However, there is a lot of bureaucracy behind it and the filling out of numerous and, above all, the correct forms. This requires expertise in the preparation of such funding applications on the one hand and knowledge of current funding calls on the other.

Preparation of interim and final reports

Projects (whether publicly funded or not) often require the preparation of technical or scientifically sound interim and final reports.

We offer you the writing of the required interim and final reports as a service within the shortest possible time. You provide us with the most important technical key data and we prepare your report quickly and competently according to scientific standards.

Individual advice

Technical classification of bioplastics and understanding their properties

Not all bioplastics are the same and not all bioplastics are extremely sustainable. Bioplastics are generally divided into (1) bio-based and biodegradable, (2) bio-based and non-biodegradable and (3) fossil-based and biodegradable. We will be happy to advise you on the different bioplastics and their limitations when used for your products.

Processing of plastics / bioplastics (primarily extrusion, injection molding, 3D printing)

Plastics are generally different to process than bioplastics. Bioplastics are often slightly polar to polar and therefore very water-attracting (hygroscopic). Bioplastics also often have to be softened with additives, as they are otherwise too stiff and/or too brittle for the final application. We will be happy to advise you on the differences in the processing of plastics and bioplastics using the most common processing methods in plastics technology.

Plastics / bioplastics for your product and your process

Do you want to make your product and/or process more sustainable and thus initiate a sustainability transformation of your products? But which plastics and/or bioplastics are suitable for this? There are no general solutions. The transformation of products towards sustainability is a product-specific and very individual process. In some cases, bio-based bioplastics make sense; in other cases, a change in product design can lead to increased recyclability and thus greater sustainability. Let us advise you. We are happy to use all our experience to help you achieve your goal.

Increasing the recyclability of plastic products in general or your products in particular

Increasing the recyclability of plastic products is one aspect of the European sustainability strategy. We will be happy to advise you on the status quo and how to improve the recyclability of your products through the targeted application of a design-for-recycling approach combined with our wealth of experience in plastics and bioplastics.

Making the sustainability of your products visible through standardization and certification

You have come a long way towards transforming your products for sustainability and want your customers in particular to benefit from this. Then you should think about making the level of sustainability you have achieved visible by means of certifications. We help you to find the industry-standard certificates and contact points and to provide the technical information on your products required for certification.

R&D Services
R&D Services
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