Below you can see a selection of our previous customers and opinions about our work.


What GS Pro says

"I appreciate the holistic approach of MEDIAN Kunststoff Service. As managing director, I don't have the time to bring together individual project and service results from different providers. I am therefore grateful for MEDIAN's all-round carefree package."

Dr. Sören Grießbach
(Managing Director)

What KomRec ReCond says

"MEDIAN employees think in terms of products. For me, that is the greatest value of the collaboration. They don't over-academize anything, but think in terms of sales figures and from the customer's perspective."

Mr. Olaf Tannheiser
(Managing Director)

What POLIFILM says
"I find the direct and fast communication with MEDIAN very helpful. The people in charge can be reached at any time and are also involved in the issue, so that quick progress is guaranteed with the respective request." Mr. Ralf Hoffmann (Team Leader Development)
What Tennet says

"MEDIAN is one of our most reliable partners. An individual testing program for our products was developed especially for TenneT and successfully applied."

Mr. Fabian Lehretz
(Asset Management / System Technology Overheadlines)

Satisfied customers are at the heart of every successful company. They are not only a sign of excellent service quality and outstanding products, but also act as ambassadors for the brand. Through recommendations or positive reviews, they make a significant contribution to the growth and reputation of a company.

In the following, we would like to present some examples of our work.

Project examples

Development of a new type of compound for the extrusion of profiles

The aim of the project was to develop a compound that was reinforced with natural fibers instead of glass fibers. A profile is then to be extruded from the compound. The project went through the following steps/phases:
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Application qualification of an additive and derivation of recommendations for action for the plastics processing industry

The aim of the project was to qualify a plastic additive for various applications in plastics processing. As a result of the project, not only were the engineering effects that occurred when the additive was used in the end product measured, but specific recommendations for action were documented for the end users of the additive (our customer's customers) and implemented in an easy-to-understand marketing flyer. The project went through the following steps/phases:
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Development of an individual test program for a plastic product

The aim of the project was to develop a customer-specific test program for a plastic product in the field of outdoor applications, taking into account the plastic ageing that occurs. The project went through the following steps/phases:
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