MEDIAN Kunststoff Service GmbH is a research and development service provider in the field of plastics from Hof/Saale in Upper Franconia.

Our plastics expertise includes both conventional and bioplastics as well as recyclates.

Our actions focus on a holistic view of the product and plastic life cycle. This includes sustainable development, taking into account possible end-of-life options. Strategic development of sustainable products enables growth! The topics of “sustainability” and “circular economy” are currently very much in vogue in industry and society.

We support you with our expertise from the project idea, through the feasibility study, to the development of the finished product. If you require public funding for your R&D project, we will be happy to assist you with our experience from countless funded projects.

In addition, we develop individual test programs for your raw materials/plastics or plastic products and act as external quality assurance for your company.

The MEDIAN team

M.Eng. Kübra Aslan

Engineering of plastics and bioplastics
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"For me, the project or order is only complete when the customer is absolutely satisfied with the result and would like to place another order with us."

Dr.-Ing. Christin Baumgart

(application technology)
Engineering and testing services
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"I like to work continuously on a customer order. When I'm working on a problem in depth, nothing can distract me so easily."

Alena Gemov

(Technical assistance)
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"I love working with people and organizing things. Talk to me in German, English or Czech."

M.Sc. Lucas Großmann

Engineering of plastics and bioplastics
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"I like to choose unconventional approaches when developing new products, as this approach promises new and, above all, unique solutions."

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Meins

Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science
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"I am happy to contribute my wealth of experience from my many years working for an automotive supplier to current problems."

Janett nose

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"My job is to explain technical complexity simply. The customer should understand what we do for them."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Nase

(Managing Partner)
Engineering of plastics and bioplastics
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"First of all, I listen very carefully to the customer's requirements and use the results of a short feasibility study to come up with a suitable strategy for developing the desired product or solving the engineering problem."

Bastian Schmid

(Associate Partner)
Software Developer
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"For me, a software tool or a software solution for a technical problem must be as easy to use as possible and must not overshoot the mark. The be-all and end-all here is the discussion with the customer. "

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Taube

(Associate Partner)
Funding advice
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"Funding advice is like tax advice. I like to give the customer the feeling that even the longest form can be filled out very easily and accurately."


We are guided by the idea of sustainable production, application and reuse of plastic products. In our view, both conventional, petrochemical-based plastics and the new bioplastics entering the market have a right to exist.

In the future, plastics will increasingly be seen as “recyclable materials” that can be recovered at the end of their product life and reused for high-quality applications. This also means that product design will be increasingly optimized in terms of recyclability.

On the other hand, in tomorrow’s world, a clear distinction will be made between short-lived disposable plastic products and long-lasting, primarily technical plastic products. Degradable bioplastics and/or single-origin plastics in particular will be used for disposable solutions. The circular economy will also play a role for long-life products, but at a different level compared to short-life products.

We at MEDIAN Kunststoff Service GmbH are full of optimism about our future, which we are actively shaping with our contribution to greater sustainability in the plastics industry. We are enthusiastic about our work because we know that it is a meaningful contribution to the future of us all!


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